School Today

This week we are checking out the letter G - Gumball theme. Each day we review the letters we have learned and say words that start with the letter. The first day we trace laminated large letters - capital and small. They match the theme word using alphabet letter discs - in capital and small letters. They complete some patterns in the theme. They sort sizes of the theme - big to small. They complete a color match puzzle in the theme and then practice the colors. They play number hopscotch. We count the theme and match numbers. We play with pattern blocks and make pictures. We cut out shapes and lines. We paint by number. We poke out letters from paper. We create the letter using stickers, balls, bingo dobbers. We are very busy. Today we made bread and made letters, tools, airplanes. Fun. Fun. Oh and we read books. Lots of books.

Can you spot the big G, little g (backwards - we are still learning), and big A (the toddler did that one.)

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  1. The little g was made right just placed on the cookie sheet wrong maybe?