The twins have begun to use this word in reference to just about anything that they 'think' they like. In particular, they have decided upon favorite clothes. This includes pretty much anything with machines, cars, transformers, and tools on it. The favorites include socks, we have exactly 5 machine socks left that are demanded everyday, pajamas (bob the builder), underpants (spiderman, tansformers, Toy Story, Cars) and shirts (3-4 each). Initially, the twins would just request a particular item. Then, they started taking the required favorite out of the dirty laundry. I didn't like this because we only have one hamper for the house, so all sorts of things end up in there. They got around this problem by stashing their clothes. Yes, I open cupboards and out falls the 'favorite socks and shirt'. I pull out the couch to vaccum under it and there is a 'favorite'. There are now 'favorites' stashed all over the house. I found some under the bathroom sink the other day. There is only one problem. They forget where the 'favorite' has been stashed. Hmm. I wonder what is next - refusing to remove the 'favorite' all together and remain in it for days on end.... That's what I would have done!

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