A day in the life

Woke up and thought about jumping in to the shower before the baby awoke. I should have. I still haven't had my shower yet. It's starting to look like I will get one when my husband gets home this evening.

The baby is feeling a lot better today. Although when we got back from Strong Start she cried for no apparent reason. I could tell that she was in pain somewhere though. Still some lingering diarrhea, but she is back to her smiling self. She stayed up until 11:30 last night. Ug. My husband and I were exhausted. Hopefully she will resume her 7:30 bed time tonight. I was just starting to feel like my self again.

I turned another year older yesterday. My Grandma phoned to remind me....She is good about that. I am not. She asked how it felt. I said that it feels better than the previous year - pregnant and new born and lots of extra pounds = yick. I am looking forward to the next stage in our lives now that pregnancy is over.

We went to school this morning. I don't know what it is, but on the days I suggest we go to school the twins seem to shuffle their feet. I end up yelling. I know they love it, so why can't they hurry up. We ended up leaving the house with uneaten breakfast sitting on the table. We had a great time once we got there. There was one girl who was a bit of a bully and a toy hog and her mom paid no attention. Hmmm. Should something have been said? We had no pee accidents at school. Ya. Twin1 is now on day 4 of no accidents. I couldn't tell you the last time twin2 had an accident. Awesome little men.

We arrived home for a quick lunch and the toddler went off for his nap. Then home school begins. Today we did some patterns, number matches, letter poking, paint by numbers and made banana bread. The baby was awake for half of the stuff and then nursed to sleep just in time for the dirty stuff. The toddler awoke from his nap just as we put the bread in the oven.

Now, the toddler is lounging, the twins are playing in their room, and the baby is still sleeping. The banana bread smells like it is almost done. Yum. It is a good thing I don't like banana bread, but the kids love it. A quick clean up of all the toys, vacuum, and get dinner started. Where, oh where does the day go. I just hope I get that shower in somehow.

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