I have tried playing board games with the twins for some time now - about a year and a half. Up until lately, we have had little success. We tried snakes and ladders, which is okay except that our version is a roll up mat and the pieces don't stay in place. We tried connect 4, but the concept is a little to hard. Instead we just try to see who can put their pieces in the fastest. Chinese checkers was an absolute no go - the marbles ended up all over the house. Go fish is a played open faced with 2 cards and until 5 matches are made - twin1 hates giving away one of his cards and an argument usually ensues. They just about have the knack of tic-tac-toe. A winner, though, is the Cars version of Candy Land (I am guessing Candy Land because I am not sure I have ever played it). Ya. We have been having a blast playing this game. It's about time. It just feels very family like to successfully play a board game as a family. Thanks for the game Grandma and Grandpa.

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