My family is reunited. I had little to talk about the last few days without my wonderful family being together. I have to say that it was a little dreary around here. Yes, we did have a wonderful dinner at Uncle's and Grandma's and I actually had several conversations and finished them. Yes, we went to a friends house whom I have not seen since the July long weekend. Yes, we got to sleep in each day. But, things just were not the same. I had no desire to do laundry, pick up toys...I just wanted to sit and read. Hmmm. Perhaps that was what the doctor ordered. Perhaps some down time was needed after all. Perhaps I needed a break from all those household duties.... But, still, things seemed too calm. As soon as the twins entered the house, their energy was infectious. All of a sudden I felt like finishing the cleaning out of the baby's clothes; I felt like organizing the home school stuff into the new storage unit; I felt like making dinner; I still do not feel like doing laundry. That can wait until tomorrow.

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