If you ask the twins what they would like for dinner, 99% of the time they will answer, "Chicken." Now, however, there are 2 different types of chicken: Yummy Chicken and Yucky Chicken. Since we eat a lot of Chicken, I hear this distinction quite often. Usually when we are sitting down to eat dinner. If only one twin has arrived he will announce to the other twin whether we are having yummy or yucky chicken.

This announcement has been going on for about a month, so I decided to ask them what the distinction was. I was pretty sure that I knew, but I wanted to hear it from their mouths. So, I asked twin1. His response was as follows: Yucky chicken has bones and a sauce. Yummy chicken is orange. Well since their favorite colour is orange, this affiliation is not so abstract. However, in their minds, Chicken Fingers or nuggets, which are breaded, are orange and are yummy. Any other chicken is deemed, "Yucky." And there you have it. Chicken a la twins: Yummy or Yucky. You pick.

Although, I might add that I really am not that bad of a cook. Yes, we eat a lot of chicken, but it is never cooked the same way twice in a week. For instance, so far this week we have had Chicken Satay and Terriyaki Chicken. Tomorrow we will have chicken sushi and the following day Salmon and finally Chicken burgers. Not so bad if I say so myself. Those poor, poor boys.

Oh and if you were to ask the toddler what he wants for dinner, 100% of the time he will respond, "MILK."

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