Life Renewed

These last few weeks have been quite enlightening and encouraging. We took last week off from homeschooling, since the twins were away, and I managed to spend some time on my own projects. Actually, these last few weeks, I have felt like I got my own back. I pretty much finished a quilt I have been working on for a year - the piecing is done, now for the quilting part. I am finally down to my pre-prego weight and with my wonderful husbands assistance brought my wardrobe somewhat up to date. Yet again, my wonderful husband surprised me with an awesome gift that I am thoroughly enjoying - a Nook Color. Fun. Fun. I 'rooted' it yesterday and now the possibilities are endless. I wasn't sure about reading books on a computer, but as long as you turn down the brightness it is kind of nice not to haul around a huge book and to have multiple books at hand. I am always researching some topic or another and like to have multiple books on the go, plus my mind numbing fiction book of the moment. I am in the process of beginning my next quilt - this one is for home. I have started walking and exercising when the kids head to bed and my husband is home from work. I seem to have emerged from the baby fog and am on my way back to livelihood again. The baby is allowing me to put her down some now. She will sit in her saucer or lay on the floor. It is amazing how much easier it is to get things done with 2 hands... Now to add home school back into the repertoire.

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