Long time, No write.

It feels like forever since I wrote last and I really do miss it. I feel a bit of a void in my life without being able to get out some of my thoughts. I have been busy quilting. I finished a simple, yet pretty quilt for the living room in a brick road style. I will post pictures later. Sewing seems to have absorbed me lately. However, I am ready to get back to the ebb and flow of everyday life. To clean my floor and put things where they belong. I prepped the kids school stuff for the remainder of the week and am ready to get at it again.

Our furnace kicked the buck and we spent last week heating the house with space heaters and the gas fire place. We played a game of musical space heaters because the breakers could only sustain 2 on at one time. I was forever moving the space heaters as kids required them. I am glad that is over. The basement play room was quite frigid. The new furnace went in today and the house is toasty warm again.

I attended my first home school parent gathering tonight. Interesting. As a newby and a parent of kids not quite at school age, I was hesitant to offer suggestions. I found several of the parents to be nervous about their kids progress. I thought they should just relax and watch things materialize. Find their childs passion and watch the learning happen. I wonder if I will be quite so relaxed when I am in the thick of things? Hmmm. I decided to attend for the comradery of people on a similar journey and so that I could talk with people who wouldn't look at me strangely when I say that my kids will be home schooled next year, so No I am not looking forward to getting my kids out of the house. I sat back and listened. And was happy to notice that not one of them seemed crazy!!

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