Bob the Builder

My husband decided to purchase and decorate a cake (Gluten Free) for the boys. They loved it. He is very talented. I would never comtemplate such a thing, but the kids love it.

Speaking of food. My husband has been experimenting with different food. I finally got him into the local library and on their website where he picked some cook books to be inspired by. We tried Thai and discovered that I do like curry, but it has to be coconut curry. Now we are on to Arabian. So, after the cake baking and decorating, he embarked on Arabian dinner. The main dish was delish with Chicken and Chickpeas, but the veggie was not worth repeating. The veggie was eggplants broiled and topped with a pomegranate/apricot glaze. I know, it sounds yummy. It was just a bit lacking, though. The toddler loved the pomegranates. He ate all of them out of the dish and the extra my husband had defleshed. I made some Naan bread to accompany the dinner. Another attempt needs to happen with that:( I wonder what he will chose next. I can't wait for this weekends picks.

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