I have finally succumbed. I am sick. It started to come on full force yesterday around lunch. I guiltily turned down my kids invitations to build houses, play cars... and instead sat in the lazyboy reading a book and ignoring the screams from the throw down fighting going on downstairs. The toddler was feeling a bit under the weather too, so he joined me in the chair and watched 'Cars' over and over. I believe I have now seen that move close to a hundred times or more. The baby was a bit restless yesterday too. Perhaps because I was not attentive enough, or because her feedings were inconsistent due to the jostling of the toddler. She had small naps throughout the day, instead of her 2 long and 1 short ones.

The baby is doing wonderfully. She seems to have adjusted to a schedule already. I don't know if this is just luck, or professional parenting. She sits in the swing for longer periods now. And the toddler seems to have stopped poking her eyes out. Instead he goes up to her and puts his blanket on her and pets her head. He is such a good big brother. The baby smiles constantly and is always searching for someone to interact with. She has even started reaching for people and sucking on her hand. Ya, self soothing is one its way.

Speaking of great big brothers. Yesterday, twin1 and 2 were interacting with the baby, trying to make her smile. I reminded them not to touch her face and hands. Twin1 replied, "Ya, I got gems (germs)". They astound me everyday with their new knowledge. I just love being home with them and seeing these things.

I guess even if I am sick and not as attentive as I would like to be, I should be happy knowing that they have me everyday, no matter what. They know that they are loved one hundred percent. How fortunate I am to get to spend all this time with these wonderful people.

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