Potty Training Revisited

Success. For now anyway. Daddy Potty Training Boot-camp has resulted in success. Our diaper bill has officially decreased by $100/month. Ya.

Yup, we finally decided to try again. Well, actually, my husband had a few days off work and no projects planned, so I told him it was now his turn. Who knew that it would take approximately 1 year from when I tried. I guess 41/2 was the magic number.

Twin1 has now gone 4 days and nights without an accident. He will even instigate the bathroom stop without reminders. This is shocking since he was the one who would hide behind doors and under tables, or run down stairs to poo (his pull-up).

Twin2 has had a few accidents and is not quite as self reliant, but one accident a day is way better than changing pull ups and wiping down bums.

This age is actually nice because if they do have an accident, they can take care of themselves. They can change their own clothes and such. In fact, when twin2 has an accident I only find out because he has a different pair of pants on. What a clever lad.

My husbands approach was to allow them to choose their own underpants and then if they had an accident in them, then the twins had to throw the underpants in the garbage. They were a bit upset at the idea of throwing away their transformer underpants. Ya to my husband. His efforts are much appreciated.

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