1. We have been stuck in the house lately - sick. Thank goodness my husband took a few days off last week because each of the twins took a trip to the hospital - asthma and strep throat. The toddler (I can not get rid of the bullet that automatically generated!) got the cold first and passed it on. The baby even got it. Now the toddler seems to have developed another ailment. I am hoping this is just teething!!. My husband and I have managed to fight the bug so far. Another sleepless night and perhaps we will succumb.
The twins actually asked to do their home school yesterday. Ya. That made me quite happy. We took a break while dad was home and we were sick. Now we are back at it. It seems to go best when the toddler is napping, but he likes to be involved too. Yesterday I attempted it while all 4 were up. A bit of a mistake. But I wasn't about to say no to their enthusiasm over it. We did have to stop early, though. Oh well.

Twin2 is turning in to a bit of a computer addict. He asks to play on it all the time. We limit it until the toddler is sleeping, after school and to pbskids games.

Got to say goodbye to hubby and wake up with a hot cup of tea. Good morning.

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