Homeschooling has been on the brain lately. The twins have really taken to it and are happy to sit down with me after lunch when the toddler goes to bed. We are finishing up the letter 'C' this week and moving on to 'D' next week. I am using the program created by 'Confessions of a Homeschooler' Blog. I checked out the BC PLO's for Kindergarten and her program seems to correspond pretty well. There is a bit of prep on my part, but I am enjoying it. The problem is finding the prep time, since I head to bed when the baby does in the evening. I am really happy with their progress and it doesn't take that long. An hour and we have practiced numbers, letters, colors, pre-writing practice, sizes... then we just need to find time to cuddle up and read books for awhile. I am really liking this and I think they are too.

I was feeling as though the toddler was being neglected and mentioned this to my husband. They next day I got to spend an entire hour with him playing cars, trains, puzzling, reading books. Then yesterday we got to spend another hour together. I guess I shouldn't worry so much. They will all get what they need when they need it. I guess it is impossible to give equal amounts of my time to all of them. They all have different needs and I will just have to go with the flow.

I do really enjoy my cuddle time with each of them, though. I guess this is what I need!

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