We are finally over our colds. Ug. It was a long one this time. We have been couped up in the house for over 2 weeks. We did venture out on the weekend, though. We took all the kids to Disney on Ice. Believe it or not, the twins remembered the show from last year, so they were keen to go. Unfortunately, we didn't investigate which show it was first. We didn't realize Disney has multiple shows going at one time. We thought we were going to Toy Story 3. As it turns out, it was the Celebrations show. A bit of a let down. The kids weren't as into it. Lesson learned on our part. They did still enjoy themselves. The toddler got a bit antsy, which is to be expected after a 2 hour drive to get there. Fortunately, there were a bunch of open seats higher up. So we moved and he got to run through the aisle with glee. We learned another lesson, too - don't buy the toy until you leave. They spent the entire second act playing with the toy and ignored most of the show. All in all, we had a great time and will check out the event next year, too.

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