A Beautiful Day

The baby slept 6 hours in a row. Ya. Then she slept another 4 hours. I got more sleep last night than I have gotten since the toddler was 5 months old (he slept through the night twice before he was 6 months old and then he went to feeding 4-6 times a night when he started teething). The twins slept until 7am. Ya. The toddler, until 8am. Breakfast went off with no complaints. Daddy took the twins skating. They can now skate with a stick, pushing a puck, and then shoot it at the net. Wow. In the mean time, the toddler and I stayed home and had a bath while the baby slept. Then we packed up and headed out for my one day out of the house a week - running errands. We made it to our destination and the baby slept in her car seat the entire time - Ya. We all happily ate our picnic lunch in the car and my husband and I got to have a conversation during the drive. We ran our errands and received few complaints. Then we headed to an indoor play yard where all three boys ran around for 1 1/2 with huge smiles on their faces. Daddy attempted to keep up while sweating and panting. He he. Off to dinner - again with no complaints. Everyone ate happily and there was no screaming from the toddler or the baby. On the drive home, everyone fell asleep. My husband packed all the kids into the house, changed them, and sent them off to bed still sleeping. The baby ate and ate and ate and then drifted off to sleep. Now, I sit typing away making sure the baby really is asleep, while my husband is out playing hockey. Soon I too will drift off to sleep reading a good book.

Yes. My life currently revolves around keeping the peace, stress free meals where everyone eats, and sleep. Perhaps soon I will get to add more, but at the moment this constitutes a beautiful day.

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