A Day of Home Learning

We were supposed to go to co-op and build balloon powered cars; however, I opted for a day off.  I new the next couple days would be busy.  Saturday the kids spent the better part of the day with my mom and dad while I listened to David Albert speak - a home school guru.  On Sunday the twins and I had tickets to see a play - the Velveteen Rabbit.  So, we decided to stay home.

I pulled out a craft that I have been wanting to try out for some time.  We felted snakes.  We had a great time and the results were great.  They truly look like snakes.  The draw back is that the snakes have turned into a switch for hitting each other with.  Alas, the snakes have disappeared!!  But we had a great time making them.

The remainder of the day was pretty low key.  Some book reading, Lego building, closet deconstruction.  A low key day.

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