A Day of Home Learning

After reading some animal stories curled up in the bed of twin1, we headed upstairs for dictation.  This is the third time I have done this.  My goal is to do this every 6 months to see how they progress in imagination, story telling, creativity, interests, story telling....  Each time, I plan to use the same materials and see how the utilization progresses.  I have 3 plain felt boards and a selection of felt figures.  They make their own picture and when done, tell me a story about, or to go along with their picture.  Today was the first time the toddler joined us. 

 This is the toddler's picture.  I believe he wanted to use all the figures.  The twins also did this the first few times I brought these out.
The toddler's story.  Written at almost 3 years of age.

 This is the picture of twin2.
The story of twin2. Written at almost 5 and a half years.

 This is the picture of twin1.
The story of twin1.  Written at 5 and a half years.
 The kids seem to really enjoy telling their own stories and my writing it down for them. 
During the afternoon, we headed over to my Uncles for a lesson on wood splitting.  The littles and I headed to the grocery story and left them to their work.  If you look closely, you may be able to see the snow flakes falling.  The twins had a blast and I think my Aunt and Uncle did too.  There was quite a pile of split wood when I returned an hour later.  Twin2 was fully decked out in 'Bob' dress: hard hat, work vest and tools.  He even brought his tool box and shed tools with him.

This evening we are off to the library for a pajama story time before bed.  Good night.

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