A Day of Home Learning

We headed out of the house early this morning to check out the new "Craft Plus!" hobby store that opened up in town.  We had a blast perusing the isles.  The hit was the model train that they kept in constant action until the moment we headed out the door.  We came away with a few things: glitter for future craft days, wool roving for a future project, and a Perler Beed Funfusion kit.

Upon return to the house, the baby headed off to bed and we all headed to the couch for our book reading. We read several "Poppleton" books today.  Then we headed to the kitchen for an experiment.  Some time ago, I found an imitation silly putty recipe on a blog and bookmarked it for a rainy day.  Over the past few months I had collected the ingredients when I spotted them and was prepared for a day of inside experimentation.  First we made one batch together for the toddler, then the twins made their own.  The had to make them their favorite colours.  This experiment turned out to be a complete hit.  I would return to the kitchen many times throughout the day and find one, two, or three boys experimenting with their goo.  They carried on right up until bedtime when they showed daddy what they made.

Mixing the goo together to make imitation silly putty

playing with the concoction

It had to be orange and of course we had to figure out how to make the colour first.

 After tiring of the goo for a bit, we pulled out the craft I bought from the store in the morning.  I didn't have time to fully read the instructions for fear of something in the store being broken, so was a bit disappointed to find that it was more of an individual activity.  In true team work style, though, we made a go of it and with twin2 at the helm, we created our first fusion figure - a backhoe!!  This was a successful craft that I am sure will re-emerge time and again.  I will have to pick up 2-3 more peg boards, though.
As I didn't have much time to read the instructions before leaving the store.  I did not realize there was only one peg board.  Alas, a lesson in working together.


The result - a backhoe, as per the guidance of twin2.

I kept finding the kids playing with their imitation silly putty throughout the day, right up until bed time.  We have already played with it today, too.  Twin1 was seeing how far it would stretch before breaking.
The afternoon was spent at choir.  We are making progress with the songs.  We practice in the car and at meal times.  I downloaded the melodies from You Tube and we have practiced using those.  We ended the day with the card games "Go Fish" and "Tastes Like Chicken."  Like I say, a busy day as usual.

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