A Day of Home Learning

After reading a large selection of books until my voice went hoarse.  I suggested we head outside and pick the last of the mint/parsley/thyme and dry it in our new, wonderful, dehydrator.  We had to buy a new one because I burned out the motor on my mom's 20 year old version.  This herb picking suggestion quickly morphed into twin1 suggesting we need a ginger garden.  I said that all my gardens were full and that there was no room for ginger.  Together, the 3 boys decided they needed to build their own garden.  Twin1 was the foremen and he quickly began planning the layout of the flora to fill the box.  Twin2 immediately grabbed his hammer, nails, and wood and started building.  All three worked as a team and built their own garden box.  When I asked if twin1would get a turn with the hammer, I was quickly informed that he was the foremen and they don't work!!  Eeek.  I guess we better stop teasing grandpa.  They would never have gotten the opportunity to do this had they been in school.
Currently, the have moved the garden box to my preferred yard location and have begun to fill the box with dirt.  Well done boys.

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