The toddler and I were enjoying some time in the garden this afternoon. I was pulling weeds with the baby in arm and oohing and aahing at how prolific the garden is this year. We are already pulling veggies out daily/mealy(I know, not a word), actually. He spied a snail and picked it up. of course it hid back in his shell. I told him to put it down and not to touch it and it would come out again. He would put it down and refrain from touching it for, oh about, 2 seconds before he would pick it back up again. Eventually, he dropped the snail and the shell broke. I said, "Oh no, it broke." He responded, "need batteries." I answer, "No, batteries won't work." He offers, "tape?"

That isn't the only wildlife hanging around. We have a resident bear. Well, several actually and even a cougar with cubs. eek. My brother in-law stopped by the other day to help fix the boat. He got out of his truck and quickly pushed his son (4) back in and jumped in himself - there was a bear in our open garage eating the garbage. The door wasn't even open 40 minutes. Then, without thinking, I filled the bird feeder last night. The bear cleaned out every seed and bent the pole. I guess the birds will have to fend for themselves for awhile.


  1. I hope that bear has moved on. That is a bit scary! Your Toddler is so inventive.

  2. Nope. Bear is still grazing on the neighborhood garbage.