A Little Snippet of Life

The toddler is a tantrumer. I never thought I would have a child who would tantrum - or should I say let my children get away with that!!! Ha. Well, I have one and I don't know what to do about it. My mom suggested simply telling him to stop yelling. Hmmm - tried that and he still yells. I have heard ignoring it works. Hmmm - he never stops and I cannot stand the yelling for that long. Time outs? Hmmm - worked until he stopped staying in time out. I have tried physically keeping him in time out - nope. I have tried continuously returning him to time out - nope. Well, in conversation one day, my sister said she has a friend who tells her son to go to his room to scream and when he is done he can come out and carry on. So, I tried it. When the toddler becomes uncontrollable, I carry him to his bed and tell him to come out when he is ready. It worked. The first time I shut the door and he bolted straight out of bed and pretty much ran through the door. I am not sure he even turned the door handle. I think the door got scared and jumped open for him!. I returned him to his bed, left the door open, and sat on the stairs playing with the baby until he calmed down and came out. We cuddled and carried on. YAaa.

The next time he tantrumed was after his bath. So, naked, I put him in his bed and told him to come out when he was ready. I went upstairs and started to feed the baby. I hear him calmly coming up the stairs and then he starts yelling for me - a different yell than the tantrum screaming. His poop is coming and he is naked. So I jump out of the chair, baby still attached to me, scoop up the toddler and run to the bedroom. I pop the baby off and start to get the wipes out when the poop drops onto the carpet.


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