Life has been difficult around here lately. We are adjusting to my husband's new work schedule - never home. Okay - not quite, but home at different times. He is now home earlier in the evenings, after the kids go to bed. Which is nice because we now get to spend more time together. But, sad because he spends even less time with the kids.

On top of this adjustment, is a difficult stage with the kids. The twins are fighting non-stop. They are getting more and more physical. And they seem to have lost their hearing. Or rather, have developed selective hearing. When I say not to do something, they immediately turn around and do it. Right in front of me. I am about to pull my hair out. This last week alone we have had a hose sprayed in the hose and hit the kitchen ceiling, the storage room redistributed throughout the downstairs 3 times, shoes thrown on the garage roof... The list goes on. At the same time, the toddler has mastered his ear-piercing tantrum scream. Everything he does is in his extreme outside voice. Finally, the baby refuses to sleep.

Last week was extremely difficult because my wonderful mom was busy getting her house ready for a family gathering, which was great. Anyway, this week seems to be shaping up to be just as long, although my amazing parents did steal the boys away this morning. Too bad the baby only slept for 10 minutes (5 of that on the boob). Ah well, I did get to do my chores with little stress and that was nice.

On a brighter note, the renovation has officially begun. We have a permit, the foundation has been dug. The forms and cement go in tomorrow. Wow. Very exciting.

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