Road Trip

Wel,l we did it. We headed out in a 24' RV for 12 days, 6 people, 4600km - we only lasted 8 days. Yup. We arrived home sick and happy to turn over the RV keys. Don't get me wrong. I would travel in an RV again. In fact, I believe that it is the best way to travel if you have to go long distance with kids. However, our kids and the prairies just don't mix. We are coast people through and through. It was the same last year. As soon as we hit the dry weather the kids' skin turns blotchy, their eczema flares up, they start coughing = no sleep = sick = viral induced asthma. As a result, heading into another country was completely out of the picture. We knew we had to remain in our own country, with our own medical, and we knew we had to head back to moist weather fast. Needless to say, we are home and recuperating. It is kind of nice to be home for a few days and do whatever we want. I have done some quilting, some gardening. We have a few more days of lounging around and a home school convention and then our family time is at an end. Ahhh. It is all over too soon. Back to our rhythm. I like holiday's, but I think I like rhythm and my home even better. It was nice to see all the family though.

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