Day 5

On the road again. Today is our really big drive day. 10-12 hours depending on the number of stops we need. The kids are starting to get used driving. When the baby and toddler nap, the twins happily play in the loft with cars or dinosaurs and my husband and I work on a crossword. I can’t remember the last time we worked on a crossword together. Oh, yes, during the birth of each of our children. That seems to be the only time we have time together with no other obligations. But, that time is over for us. Half our drive is down. Half to go. Tonight we are staying at my husband’s Aunts farm. And a day off of driving tomorrow. Cowboy boots and visiting are on the agenda for tomorrow – Oh and some new underpants for the twins since they have messed up almost all of them. Grr. Aw well.

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