A Day in the Kitchen - Or a Day of Home Learning

Today has been a day spent in the kitchen. It has been calm, quiet and uneventful. Tuesdays are always really calm around here. The kids tend to hide away in their rooms playing with toys, reading books, colouring, and today bird watching - thanks to the rustic bird feeder my husband built for us over the weekend. There are few confrontations. Calm. This is my favorite day of the week. This is also the day that I get most of my chores done. Today's chores centered around the kitchen.

My mother had a huge, HUGE, turkey dinner on the weekend. Then she promptly left for a week holiday. Consequently, she left the enormous quantity of leftovers for me. :) I am very grateful as we have pretty much eaten our way through our freezer stockpile of curry's, soups, and stews. So, today saw me turning the leftovers into a gigantic pot of soup and another of curry. The house smells awesome.

Also, the kids and I attempted an all day cooking project: Almond milk, Almond Yogurt, Almond Flour. Yup. We are testing it all out. We started by soaking some Almonds. Then mixed it up to make Almond Milk. We had a taste test, but only twin1 and I enjoyed it. We took the residual, spread it onto a pan and dehydrated it making Almond Flour. It turned out perfectly and will be used to make some Almond cookies tomorrow. Yum. The untested Almond Milk had culture added to it and was put into the oven to ferment. Hmm. Not sure about this one, but we are always up for an experiment around here.

Eeek. I see the dinner hour is upon me, so I better get cooking, or rather, heating up again.

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