How to Stop Dad from Watching the NHL Playoffs?

My wife asked me to share this story with you. It was game six of round1 NHL Playoffs and I was at home with two sick boys. I made sure they had some dinner and entertainment, but not much was stopping from watching the game until, "Daddy bandaid." I looked over and there the toddler was holding a bandaid. This was a feat in itself because I didn't know he knew where they were and they were put away high up. I quickly looked him over, thinking he had cut himself some how. And like every father would think - Great, he has cut himself and I am going to be in trouble for not paying attention! I couldn't find a cut..whew? I asked him, "Where is the ouwie?" "My nose," he replied. He had solved his runny nose! Put a bandaid on it! And so we did. It didn't stop running :(

Toddler Problem Solving

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