A lot of decisions being made around here. Kitchen reno to accompany the new roof? Does the entire roof need replacing, or just a cleaning and re-shingling? Where to register the kids for school next year? Curriculum choices? What activities to participate in? Planning for cross-country RV trip? Yard clean up and garden preparation and planting? Family time? Dinner? Simplifying life? Taxes? It is exhausting. And no real decisions are being made.

I am reading an interesting book called Simplicity Parenting. It is good. I believe the main premise is that kids are overly stressed and acting out because they are not allowed to be kids and are exposed to too much - too busy, too much media, too many obligations, too many adult decisions, too much choice, too many toys. Boredom is not a bad thing, but the precursor to creativity. And creativity is a pressure release. As a result, I have been purging the house of broken or unused items (decisions).

All this simplifying emerged out of the letting go of my teaching position (another decision). I am officially unemployed. This resulted in the mental allowance to finally pitch all the teaching supplies I had been keeping. 7 huge boxes whittled down to 1. Needless to say, we had a lot of recycling this week and a lot of book donation. It is amazing how it feels to let go of all that stuff.

We have also been organizing all the baby stuff to pass on to my sister. Baby stuff takes up so much room.

Well, back to the decision making.

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