The Littles

Yup. The many faces the toddler can make. This is about the extent of life with him these days. He has officially mastered the pout.

And here is the baby. Too cute. She has 2 teeth and rolls all over the place. My husband had her laughing the other night and she has a full hearty laugh. She is happy as long as I am in view. She loves to roll around on the floor and is practicing some knee raises - which I am not happy about.

This week was extremely busy. My sister and her husband came out and we drove to listen to a talk he was giving. He did a great job. Getting all the kids dressed, out the door, and then sitting for the talk wore us out, though. Then we headed off for a wonderful family dinner at The Great's. We attended a memorial for the passing of a family member. Finally, the twins headed up for their last ski trip with Nan and Papa. Alas, this week we learned about life and the value of family.

On a sad note, we had someone to look in on our attic situation. Not enough vents were put in and the entire roof will have to be replaced...ug. Perhaps we will make some changes to the roof line that we can finish later on down the road when we have money again.

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