We had a beautifully busy weekend. In anticipation of my husbands promotion at work, we had our weekend a day early, or a normal sat/sun weekend. We busily finished, or attempted to finish up some projects and relished in some family time. Something I fear will be a bit of a distant memory for the next few weeks.

I attempted to complete the quilt I have been working on for my husband - I did not accomplish this. We picked up the boat and gave it a bit of a clean. We had planned to take it out for a spin and test out the newly refurbed engine, but ran out of time. We dug out a little garden in anticipation of bean cultivation and a home for the remainder of the dirt, but we didn't finish and the dirt continues to sit in the driveway. We hiked the first lookout. We had family Monday night dinner a night early. We visited with traveling Aunt and Uncle. We thought we would go bowling, but didn't. Hmmmm. Where does the time go. Our last 2 day weekend until our road trip in 3 weeks.

2 whole weeks in together in an RV. I can't wait.

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