So. I have been trying to establish a little rhythm to our day. Well...specifically to our morning. We have a rhythm we follow at night: dinner, clean-up, play, bath, dressed, 1/2 hour movie, 1/2 hour books, bed. And bedtime is rarely an issue. Getting us moving in the morning is another story. So, in comes the rhythm. I figured I would start with the one thing I can control - myself. I nolonger sit and relax for 15-30 minutes in the morning drinking tea and cleaning up the kitchen. Now I hop in the shower. I hope to be showered and dressed before 7am. Good, great, done - 3 mornings in a row. Then, clean up the kitchen while tea steeps, set breakfast table, prepare daily baking/dinner prep. Kids breakfast by 8am, vitamins, teeth, dressed. Well. The first morning I attempted this, all 3 kids joined me in the kitchen to prepare and cook pancakes for breakfast. No problem. I love to have them cook with me and they are great at it. However, the whole rhythm was completed about an hour earlier than I had anticipated. Oh well, at least it happened. The following day, all things went off without a hitch. Teeth got brushed, before noon - wahoo. Today - another story. I seem to have missed the window. It is now almost 9am, and although I have accomplished a lot (dishes/laundry/vacuum/baking), the kids are still not dressed, have not brushed their teeth, and have not had breakfast. Instead, they are happily playing together downstairs and I am absolutely not going to disturb this amicable time they are having together. So what of the rhythm? I just don't know. To be continued perhaps....Hmmm.

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