We have been indulging in a fair bit of soup lately. Usually Lentil. I have fond memories of one soup in particular. My Austrian Grandma would make a clear broth and some fresh crepe noodles. Me and my siblings would gather around the table and cut the noodles to put in our very own bowls of soup. We got to cut the noodles any way we wanted. Fun. With our wheat intolerance, I had pretty much discarded the passing of this memory on to my kids. The discovery of Lentil Flour has changed this. So, one lunch while the kids were playing downstairs and I happily prepared the Lentil crepes and broth, set out the cutting boards... I was very excited to introduce this to them. However, things did not go well. Twin2 pouted and complained that the crepe was not in the shape of a builder hat. The toddler thought it was yucky because twin2 was such a mope. Twin1 put on a brave face and gobbled it down for me. I will persevere. I will try again and eventually my kids will think this is the greatest event and will pass this on to their kids. he, he.

(Can you see the pout?)
(He preferred chunky noodles.)

(All ready)

(The result. I couldn't help but add some vegetable. My grandma's did not have any.)

(Always ready for a cheese photo op.)

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