Thanks Dad, and of course Mom

I am enjoying a much needed day of relaxation today. My Dad called early and asked to take the kids for the morning. Well it's 1pm and he's still got the twins. I picked the toddler up around his nap time.

I just haven't been myself of late - cranky, tired, run down, just plain exhausted in so many ways. I am sure that I experienced this with my other pregnancy's, but this one just seems to be a little more difficult to get out of. Perhaps because this is the first pregnancy where I am not working? Who knows. The worst part is the guilt over how I treat my kids when I feel like this. I hate not being totally involved, helping create adventures, and heading into out for walks... Don't get me wrong, some of this still happens, just for shorter bursts of time. Instead, I would much rather lay (I mean lay down, not sit) on the couch surfing the web or watching season finales.

I need to get out of this rut and self loathing... Speaking of which here come the energy. Dad just pulled up in the drive with the twins....

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