May. Where ever did it go. Time is passing far too quickly. It is just about June....and then only 3 months until the new baby. My husband and I both crawled into bed the other night and said, "I am not ready for another one." Of course, when the time comes, we will be elated and just go with the flow, but for now the anticipation is a weee bit scary.

I haven't updated the kids accomplishments in awhile so I thought I would give it a try.

The toddler is finally starting to grow. He has now progressed into 12 month pants and can even wear some 18 month ones, rolled at the bottom and top. He seems to have a long torso and arms, though. He is now saying some more words: crackers, milk, blanket, night night, shoes..... He is a constant babbler. This is very different from the twins who used sign language and grunts until they were 2 1/2. The toddler is an outdoor enthusiast. The other day it was raining and he kept standing at the patio door longing for the freedom of outside. He loves to climb anything dirty and does not care if something is wet and cold before sitting in it. His favorite outdoor toy is definitely his ride on horse, although a shovel is a close second. He is still an extremely and poor eater, but he has started to eat some protein now.

The twins are in a world of their own. Everything is make believe: Bob the Builder, Mom and Dad and Baby, Dog, Duck, Monster, Cooks, Firemen.... Whatever they can think of. It is quite wonderful. They have moved beyond needing a real look-a-like of an object and can not pretend that something is the required tool, food... Their vocabulary is growing daily. It is still difficult to understand all the time, but they can usually explain what they are saying. They have started chores. We started them with putting their shoes and jackets away. Now we are working on putting the dirty clothes in the hamper. Of course, they are great at cleaning up spills or getting the vacuum for larger messes. And we have already discussed window washing in a previous post. Soon - dishes?! I am not sure I am ready for that yet. They are starting to listen to instructions quite well, although twin1 is easily distracted and twin2 is sometimes out right defiant. It is no longer a handful to take them to the store and they are awesome in restaurants. (I wish I could say the same for the toddler) Their problem solving skills are getting quite interesting.

The other day, my husband asked twin2 to find his bike helmet in the house. About 15 minutes later, he returned with two suitcases full of toys. I am not sure how he intended to pull these on the bike. Although, the usually answer is, "Mommy do it!" He was unable to find his helmet, however, and opted for a round plastic container. My husband questioned the container, but twin2 knocked on it with his fist and said, "Good, see." Hmm.

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