Yup. We are sick again, the kids I mean. Although thanks to our new diet, it has been quite some time since we were last sick. I think that the change in seasons with all the pollen combined with a cold just sent things over the edge. So, needless to say, twin1 and I spent one-on-one time at the glorious Fraser Cascade Hospital. All is going well now, though, so no need to worry. Just the remnanats of a nasty cold left.

The night after the hospital visit with twin1, twin2 experienced his first bought of croup. He found it very scary. Having watched my brother battle this as a child, I was sympathetic and immediately pulled out the humidifier. Poor little man. He was very scared which made him cry and provoked more croup. Thankfully, that only last a few (4) hours.

Last night was the toddler's turn. He was restless for several hours with a cough. A little tylenol and the humidifier seemed to work for him. He seems to be feeling better today despite an extremely runny nose.


On a lightler note, we have made major progress with the backyard. I can't believe how things are coming together. We have about 5 large projects on the go: removal of gravel in preparation for grass, fire pitt, large garden in back, wall to hide ugly shed and grow climbing plants, fence along final side of back yard. I love all the progress. In a month or so, I will be able to sit back, watch the kids play and finish growing the baby in a beautiful private backyard. Wahoo.

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