Despite the fact that the kids are all still recovering from colds, the laundry is piled up needing to be put away, and walking on the floor barefoot feels like walking outside, I have a wonderful feeling of contentment tonight. I am starting to feel like I may just be competent as a mother. The twins, and the toddler, are growing into such loving, curious, imaginative, daring, observant boys. I am finally starting to see some respect for rules and routines: shoes off at the door and put away, dirty clothes in hamper, making sure the toddler doesn't get run over riding his horsey, wearing helmets when riding bikes..... The list is actually much longer and keeps growing.

Today, the toddler was crying because we came inside to get lunch ready and he could no longer ride his horse, so twin1 went to him and gave him a kiss and hug to cheer him up. We also spent some wonderful quality time reading books - about an hour. We planted and watered together. I watched the twins dawn hard hats and safety vests and then inform the toddler that it was not safe for him to be around the play tools because he didn't have the right safety clothes. We went for 2 bike ride/walks. I put on music while we ate lunch and all 4 of us dance in our seats - yes, we all eat lunch and dinner together.

What a privilege to get to spend all this wonderful time with my children watching them grow and develop. Yes, content and proud is how I feel. Lucky me.

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