Playing house is not limited to girls. Lately, the twins favorite game has been to be 'Mom and Dad'.

Yesterday we were outside. I was weeding along the fence line in preparation for some hydro-seed that is getting sprayed next week. The twins were once again playing 'Mom and Dad'. Twin1 was 'Dad' and twin2 was 'Mom'. At one point, I heard Twin1 yell, "Mom!" I responded with, "Yes," and was promptly told, "No, that mom (twin2)." Then they moved on to rearranging the yard furniture for a tea party. They asked if they could bring their baby's outside and I agreed as long as the baby's did not get left on the ground. Out came the baby's (2 cabbage patch dolls and one stuffed monkey) and they were all neatly placed around the table. Then on to the swing set. Baby's were arranged in swings and pushed.

Twin1 eventually got bored of playing 'Mom and Dad' and curiously came over to help me with the weeding. He dug out a few weeds when twin2 (Mom) came over and instructed twin1 (Dad) to come help with the baby's. Twin1 informed twin2 (Mom) that he was busy with the garden. Twin2 stormed off, got the baby's, brought them over to Twin1 (Dad) and thrust them into his arms saying, "Your turn."

Hmm. What does that tell you about things around here! And here I thought my husband worked pretty well as a team. Perhaps the reenactment should tell me something. Naaa.

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