Hiding Places

You would think from the title that I would talk about places to hide for say - a game of Hide and Seek. But, no. This is about hiding places for food. Yes, we have hit the stage in childhood development when they start to think they are smarter than us. And when it comes to dinner, the deceit has begun.

Now I must say that I am no amateur at the food hiding business. I am well known for stuffing my food into my cheeks and then asking to go to the washroom where I would spit the food into the toilet. However, my parents got some satisfaction out of making me wait at the table with food stuffed into my cheeks until my cheek muscles would start to cramp and saliva was dripping down my chin. My dad recently informed me that I usually forgot to flush the toilet, so I guess I wasn't all that crafty. My second favorite hiding spot was the ledge under the table. This took some effort at balancing the food just right and there was a limited amount of food that I could hide there. So, the cheeks were definitely my preference.

Back to my kids, the twins (the toddler just throws his food on the floor) I mean. So far we have found asparagus hidden in the small drawer under the telephone. My husband found this several days after the fact, so mold had already set in. Tonight, twin2, hid his food on his seat. I guess if you hide it out of the line of site, no one can see it!!

The art of food hiding has only begun around hear. With 4 kids, I am sure there will be some interesting places. I just hope that I continue to be smarter than them!!

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