Green Mashed Potatoes

My toddler has turned into an extremely picky eater. I have no idea how this happened. The twins will eat almost anything and love veggies.

In an effort to get something healthy into him, I puree veggies and put them into his dishes - or should I say his mashed potatoes because he still won't eat pasta or anything with a sauce. Usually I stick to cauliflower because it is white and blends in nicely with the potatoes and there is no extra cooking implements. I just add them right in with the potatoes.

Tonight, however, I was out of cauliflower and many of our staples. So, I thought I would try spinach. As I was putting the finishing touches on the mashed potatoes, the toddler came over and started complaining for food. He even climbed into his chair and waited, impatiently. I tasted the potatoes and they did not taste any different, so I smiled at myself for my ingenuity. I was going to get some healthy spinach into the little guy.

I presented him with the potatoes, put some in my mouth to show him they were good, and then scooped some out for him. He took one look, laughed at the potatoes, said NO, and swatted the spoon away. Laughed. Did I say that he laughed at the potatoes, and ME. Not just once, but several times. Hmmm. I tried several more times. I even managed to sneak some in, which he promptly spit back out. The green mashed potatoes were a no go. Ugg.

Now I have a pile of green mashed potatoes sitting in the fridge. At least I think they taste good.

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