Is anyone else out there tired?  I am.  I have been naughty and staying up way too late.  Plus all all the other daily demands.  I am tired.  I even tried to lay down today during BW's nap.  Ha.  After the second screaming session and "MOOOOOOM. MOOOAAAAAAAAAAm." I called it quits.  So, now I sit here with a large cup of tea.  That will keep me going, right?  It does the rest of the time.

My husband earned a promotion through work and received 2000 points to spend on a few things.  Last year, he earned it too, although a much smaller amount, but he had the choice of gift cards.  This year, there are specific item choices.  None of which we need, some we had on a, "Oh, if I had some money..." list.  I know that I should view these items as a gift, but I still feel guilty about receiving the items.  There are so many other things that we need more.  And I just spent the past year decluttering.  Now we are cluttering things back up just to redeem these points.  Yesterday we recieved our first item - a wooden toy kitchen.  We did have a plastic kitchen that the kids demolished and I had stored away to see if it could go permanately or be put on toy rotation.  This one is nice, though.  All wood.  Sturdy.  Looks good.  I even allowed it to be put in our kitchen it looks so nice.  BW is quite enjoying cooking with mommy.  So, I guess it is okay.  We also have binoculars, a Sony Tablet, camera, elliptical trainer, pressure washer on the way.  I was going to get some binoculars next year for Animal, but I don't think we need one that is quite this good.  Ah well.  And an elliptical trainer.  I am not sure about the logistics of this one.  We don't really have the room for it.  And the place that we are going to put it is above a bedroom and will most likely wake-up/keep-up kids when in use.  Most likely it will become my husbands clothes tree. 

We had a nice visit with my sister earlier this week.  We took advantage of a couple hours of nice weather and headed out to the river to check on the eagles nest and beaver lodge.  I finally found an agate.  I was beginning to think I was agate colour blind!!!

We started soccer practice for the twins this morning.  I really don't know how working mom's manage to get all their kids out of the house early in the morning weekdays.  You are a wonder.  And, wow.  I am now having to be out of the house by 9:15 on Tuesdays for music and 8:45 on Saturday's for soccer.  Eek.  We are now only appointment free one day of the week - Thursdays.'s.  The rest of the week sees a swim lesson, music, soccer, and co-op.  The busyness has begun and I am not even heading out for school each day. 

We spend all possible outside weather outside.  We are hiking/adventuring or gardening.  We started marigolds and spinach inside and will transfer soon.  We still need to amend the soil though.  Yesterday saw me moving pavers, footings, and lumber, to prepare a spot for the garden box the kids built this winter.  We put some cardboard under it to keep grass from growing through and it sits awaiting dirt and seeds. 

We have joined the community garden this year.  We joined first of all for the added benefit of another garden box to grow cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots (since my boxes have a worm that infests the carrots).  Second, to take advantage of the organizer's vast gardening knowledge.  I hope to learn how to stop the said worm infesting my carrots.  And third to give back.  Part of the community garden has a large plot where food is grown for people in need.  It's nice.  There are some other kids involved and everyone gets together a couple times a month for worker bees.

I started knitting a sweater for BW.  The stitches are too tight, so I have to rip it out and start over with larger needles.  That's all part of the learning process.  Right?

I finally finished sewing the pillow cases for the twins and hemmed a new pair of very bell bottom jeans that I picked up for $11.

I am still waiting to hear back about my job application.  The cut off is today.  It is still wearing on me, though.  I think a little more than I had hoped, but expected.  My teeth grinding has resumed.  

Well, now I am too tired to write.

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