Boy, I don't remember being absent from this space for so long before.  I have had a major 'to do' list that I have now managed to work through.  Upper most on that list was completing my resume and cover letter.  I did finish yesterday and sent it off.  Now, I wait and see. 

We have been heading out-of-doors a fair bit on nice days.  We made a teepee in the back garden and planted sweet peas.  We have pruned some bushes and cleaned up the garden beds.  It has been snow/raining for the last week, so we are waiting to prep the veggie gardens and then will plant some early spring veggies.  The kids are super keen and are very happy to be outside.  Book worm seems to love being outside the most,  At least twice a day she carries over her shoes and gloves and asks to go outside.  She has discovered puddles.  I think I will have to purchase a second pair of shoes for her so that I can rotate the wet ones for the dry.  I have never seen rain boots in her petite foot size.

We spent the past weekend at the ski hill.  My husband had 3 days off and we planned to pack in the last of our skiing for the year.  Unfortunately, illness had a different idea.  We managed to ski and snow shoe the fist day, but were plagued simultaneously with the flu and a cold.  Fun.  The twins had a viral induced asthma situation, so things were pretty on edge for a few days.  We currently have some coughs and runny noses and one with the flu.  I seem to be fighting the sick battle.  At moments I feel like I am winning and then I don't.  My mom took the not so sick ones today and let me have a rest, so things are good at the moment.

We have been pretty busy with music and and swimming.  The twins swimming session is now over.  Ya.  I have to say, getting all of us to the pool 3 days a week for 4 weeks was exhausting.  Two of those sessions were right as. dinner time, so I had to be prepared with dinner immediately upon arriving home.  We have also been busy with "school" stuff: art, science experiments....  We have been having a great time.

Well, I am being hailed from the bathtub.  Till next time.

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