We are home from our wonderful Hawaiian vacation. We had an absolute blast and so did the kids. They loved having so many adults around to give them attention, resulting in some R&R for hubby and I. It took me a bit to wind down - about 5 days. After that any meal I had to cook for the family was some 'healthy' hot dogs - I am not sure hot dogs can ever be referred to as healthy, but at least these ones were gluten free, antibiotic free, nitrite free... I think we do need a little hot dog cleanse around here, though.

The twins had a great time. They swam in the ocean and in the pool. They even learned to swim without swimmies. Wahoo. They get tired quickly, but can cross a pool length-ways on their own. We ID'd birds. Checked out sea turtles. And even surfed - yup, real tandem surfing, in real waves. And surfed in the pool. Very cool. Mostly we did a lot of relaxing. I repeat. We had a wonderful time.

The toddler busied himself in the pool most days. Oh, and chasing his brothers around and screaming at the top of his lungs. Ug.

The baby did not start walking like I thought she would. But she is really close. She is recovering from some sleep deprivation I think. She slept 14 hours last night and is finishing up a 31/2 hour nap. She may need a bit of a cleanse too - from sand, though.

Baby's up. We are off to the library. More later.

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