Baby Girl

This little girl is growing up - too fast.  She weighs 22 lbs.  Yup, she is chunky, but so adorable.  She loves to cuddle now.  The mere mention of the word elicits shoulder snuggles - precious.  She is our resident cheer leader, clapping and throwing her hands in the air when we yell 'score'.  She has transitioned straight from the avocado puree diet to everything finger food.  So far she has only refused a few food items.  She is still not walking, but I fear it won't be long and then look out.  She naps twice a day and heads to bed with her 'Good Night Song', which when sung also elicits a shoulder snuggle and a firm grasp.  She is a crowd pleaser, once warmed up.  It is hard to believe this is my last baby.  Thank goodness my sister just had one.

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