First Day of School

Here is our first day of school group picture.  I promptly put the baby down for a nap.

Our day was spent cataloging our present stat's in 'All About Me..' books.  I hope to repeat this trend each year (if I remember), resulting in a keepsake collection.

This wasn't our first official day of school as we started co-op last week, but I refused to give up the opportunity to be free and roaming outside until the weather turned.  So, with our first cloudy, cool day upon us, we began - slowly.

If you think this guy is going to sit on the side lines, you are wrong.  He is right in there with us - until he gets bored and wonders off or starts provoking someone.

We are taking this slowly.  Basically we aren't doing things all that different.  However, I am enforcing a couch read aloud daily.  Although sometimes this doesn't happen until bedtime, but it does happen.  At the moment I am relishing in the lazy mornings and freedom of our whims.  Perhaps we will get more down to things when the weather really turns.  The days are certainly getting shorter already.

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