It's Late

Well okay, it's not late. 9:40 abouts. However, I am in a hotel room with 4 other people who are sound asleep while I wait for a baby to finally decide that she is ready to sleep. We are spending a couple of nights in this hotel to attend a wedding, of which my husband is a part. Eeek. Yes, I have to some how keep 4 littles from terrorizing a special moment in another persons life. Yes, I feel the pressure. I have decided that if things go down hill, we will head back to the hotel. Thankfully, the hotel is equiped with a pool, a cold one, but a pool nonetheless. Also, the town we are staying in is on the ocean. Yup, and the weather looks promising. Perhaps one day of summer weather will shine upon us. I am very much looking forward to walking the beach for treasures. Fun, fun. Also, the hotel is located next to a grocery store AND a tea room. He, he. Jackpot. If only there was a second bedroom in the suite, I think I might move in. Ha, not a chance. Especially when our addition is coming along so wonderfully. Still no windows, but there is a door and some electrical wired in. The concrete should be poured early next week and then the stairs can be built. Then the windows, insulation, floors, dry wall - ah, still lots to do.

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