Bright Idea

So, the toddler has pretty much potty trained himself. He decided to sit on the potty the first time a few months ago and now he is almost totally trained. Shocking, I know. His potty abilities are pretty much on par with his 2 1/2 year older brothers who are supposed to head to kindergarten on their own in a month. HA. The classroom would smell like urine in about an hour. Ick. Back to the toddler....He has worked things out himself for most of his milestones. There is no way we could possible push him to do something before he is ready. He is a bit stubborn. Hmmm, I wonder where he gets that from. He refused to get on a bike and then one day last week he picked it up and away he went. Just like he had been doing it all along.

Anyway, the toddler has figured out how to fully use this potty training to his advantage. Anytime he is in trouble and gets put in the corner, he tells us his pee is coming. And he heads off to the washroom, sits on the big potty, and squeezes something out. After he yells, "My pee." And we congratulate him, high five, pound it. And where has his naughty behaviour gone? I don't know because I am too excited about not having to scold and cajole him for peeing in his pants. The sad things is that it took me about a day and a half to realize he was getting out of all his punishments. The smarty pants.

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