I'm exhausted today. Not sure if it is a result of too much fun with a friend who came to visit with her 2 wonderful children, or if it was a lovely date night with my husband last night. Perhaps both. My eye lids are half open today and I just can't seem to get enough caffeine.

The kids are great. The toddler had flu yesterday and spent almost 12 hours lying on the couch and a few hours vomiting. This has never happened. Usually when he is sick he still manages to keep up with his brothers. He has finally mastered the balance bike and continues to scare us with his fearlessness. He now starts at the top of our drive and off he goes, laughing the whole way.

The baby is growing 'super fast' (as the twins like to say). She pulls herself to a stand and cruises, slowly, around furniture. She is finally eating some solids, although she prefers to limit herself to avocado. The talks non-stop. She calls mom and dad. She is dreadfully afraid of the vacuum. She is endlessly happy and easy going. She absolutely loves, loves the water. I can get her undressed on one side of the house and my husband will turn the bath on - she can't get into the bath fast enough. It is pretty cute to see that bum wiggle across the floor. he he.

The twins are also growing by leaps and bounds. They spend the majority of their time creating new games, crafting, building lego, or riding bikes. My husband built them a little ramp that they are enjoying as a jump. Daily, the have me come and watch their new tricks - riding with one hand, riding standing up... They seem to have moved past the last difficult stage and are human again.

The reno is going strong. The weather is not exactly working in our favour, but the workers are plugging along. They managed to get a good chunk of the roof removed and back together before the rain came today. As we have had non-stop rain, they are now having to work on weekends. Poor guys, I feel for the, The addition on the back is all framed in. Just waiting for the roof to be finished and then the kitchen wall will be removed. I caused a bit of a delay when the back wall was put up and I could no longer see my wonderful backyard - or the kids playing in it. So, we had to re-order windows that go floor to ceiling. It looks great, though. I can now see the back yard and there is plenty more light.

Baby is awake.

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