Race Day

We stumbled upon a kids race near our house.  They all ran 1km and received a ribbon and prize at the end.  There was a mountain bike component that we opted out of this year.  The twins said they really want to try that next year, though.
And they are off.
Even bug ran- with a little help from Dad.
We eventually caught up to LBB.  He was having some trouble on the slippery trail.  A volunteer helped him out until we caught up.  He was a trooper.  He was also first in line to get his ribbon.
At the finish line.  Beefcake wished he hadn't wore that sweater.
All with ribbons and prizes.  Builder ran the 1.3km trail in 9:40. Animal ran it in 9:10.  LBB took 13:10. And bug was carried around at13:40.  They all had a blast and asked to do it again.

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