Found a new place to explore just 5 min from our house.
We saw frogs and fish.
Do you see the small frog in Builder's hand?
And another.
That's not a Popsicle. Rather, a cattail.  He tells me it's very rare.
The little fuzz on my back is sick BW.  She really did not want to be out and about.  After a couple days in the house, it was necessary.
Run, run.  This guy does nothing slow.  He likes things fast and crazy.
Things to add to his nature collection: cattail and pine cone seed.
"What kind of scat is that?" I ponder aloud. "You silly, mom.  Look at it.  There is wood.  It's beaver." Responds animal.  Ah, of course it is.
Me.  Content.
Lots of frogs. LBB content.
Happiness all around.
I got to hold hands with all of them and snuggle with BW on my back.  A successful exploration. We'll be back.

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