Loose Teeth

Builder and Animal are growing up, or at least their mouths tell us so.  They both have loose teeth.  Animal has 2 and Builder has one.  Also, they announced they were ready to start reading.  So we got started.  They are a bit unsure of this, but are giving it a go because they want to do it.  Finding time for each of them to have one-on-one time with mommy and a book is sometimes challenging, but we persevere.

BW is getting into everything.  The freezer is constantly being left open and a trail of frozen cheese, nuts, carob chips are left behind.  There is no safe place to hide anything anymore.  Just when I thought I had entered a bit of a sweet spot, she has changed it up for me.  I can't even have a shower without her climbing up on the counter, plugging the sink and watching the water over flow.  HMmm.  Oh and she is even tall enough to open doors.  So, out the door she goes and hello world. 

Did I ever mention that my children are very independent thinkers!!

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