We had a great weekend at the "Big Golf Course" as the kids like to call it.  We have gone every year for years, but missed last year because of scheduling issues with work.  This time was the best so far.  Beefcake and I didn't even attempt anything on our own (golf or spa treatment) and instead played with the kids.  We hiked and geocached, we swam, we hit golf balls and putted, we relaxed, we ate take out, we visited a nature discovery center.  All in all, it was awesome.  The sleeping situation was a bit lacking, but we have a plan for next year.

 After an initial attempt to jump in the hot tub and swim on his own, he decided a life jacket was a good thing =)
 I am trying to incorporate more pictures of myself, even if you cannot see me very well.

The twins are turning into quite the swimmers.  They spent most of the time diving for spoons.

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